Protect Your Child - Be Ready

"Bringing American Abducted Children Home"


Fill out the online form with detailed information and save it on your computer. Keep it updated! Add and save a recent photo every few months. Write this form to your hard drive, a CD, or USB key and keep it in a safe place.

If there is ever a need to report a child abduction, all of the information is current and in one place!

By having a current digital version of your child's photograph, you can save valuable time as the photo does not have to be scanned. If you do not have a computer, write the information in and attach a printed photo or have a CD of photos created at a local store or drugstore.

REMEMBER: the first three hours after abductions are the most critical in recovery efforts.

AMBER Alerts are ONLY activated by law enforcement. Help law enforcement help you!

Protect your child by being ready complete the form below today!